‘The Power of Presence’

International Sedona Method Course. May 24-26, 2019, Leusden, The Netherlands

A liberating 3-day exploration into the core of who we are.

With Sedona Method instructors David Ellzey and Maarten Klatte.


Together we will be using The Sedona Method to recognize and release anything that may hold you back from the freedom that you are and the greater life that you want to live, in body, mind and spirit.


And just as health cannot be found inside a pill, freedom cannot be found inside a technique. However, a technique can point you toward the freedom of your deepest nature. Also, there will be moments that we explore letting go of holding on to anything, including a technique, in order to discover who you are beyond any story of self-limitation. This can reveal the stillness, peace and freedom that is already here, already now, as your fundamental nature. We will investigate our being through releasing, movement, and stillness. Discover in this course that no matter what our minds try to tell us, happiness and peace are easy and immediately available.


BONUS: Marianne Huijbregts, QiGong teacher, will greatly add to this course by supporting our mind and body with several energizing QiGong sessions.


To your greatest health and happiness,


David, Maarten and Marianne.


Location: Landgoed ISVW, Dodeweg 8, Leusden, Netherlands.


Course Times

Friday     24th of May: Registration 7 PM. Course: 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM.

Saturday 25th of May. 9.30 AM - 1.00 PM and 2.30 PM - 6.00 PM.

Saturday evening class will be optional, from 7.30 PM - 9.30 PM

Sunday 26th, 9.30 AM - 1.00 and 2.30 - 5.30 PM.


Cost: 385 euros. This includes course fee and buffet lunches on Saturday and Sunday. Partners: One of you gets 85 off and pays 300eu. Students: 250eu.

Prices do not include the hotel. You can book your room directly at the venue: www.landgoedisvw.nl , by phone +31.33.465.0700, or by mail info@isvw.nl



David Elzey

For thirty years, as a global Sedona Method instructor, author, coach, and transformational performer, David has worked with people across six continents to experience the unlimited reality of being. Presenting for organizations like United Nations, as well as for school systems across the US, David focuses on the body, the transcendent, and the human experience as expressions of one fundamental reality, He skillfully inspires the direct experience of the lightness and unbound nature of who we truly are. David writes for various contemplative journals and is author of his book, “The Ocean of Now.”

Maarten Klatte, MD.

Preventive and Lifestyle Medicine physician.

Certified International Sedona Method Instructor


Maarten has been teaching The Sedona Method, since 2005, to thousands of people in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, India and the US.


‘This simple and easy to learn technique has never been advertised as a form of treatment or therapy. However it is my experience that it can be used as an effective tool in preventive and lifestyle medicine. When applied regularly it improves energy levels, reduces inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, releases stress, elevates mood and enhances overall health and wellbeing.

If there was a single drug that would have all these benefits and no negative side effects, it would be worth several billion dollars.

Because of its stress reducing effects it is helpful in building relationships and improving learning ability. The combination of its efficacy and its effortless practice in daily life, makes it my favourite tool when I coach people on the spectrum of choices in lifestyle medicine. It works!’